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My Skin woes Part 1

Skinnnnn, oh gosh, when it comes down to the topic, Skin makes some people roll their eyes or smile. For me when I was a lot younger…like when I was 13 up to the age of 16, I HATED my skin. I didn’t know ( and I still don’t know) what type of skin type I was or where I was going with these different soaps all I know was, looking back, they weren’t for me and I realised that way to late .

I used to use this thing called Oxy I think they might of discontinued the product, but it was a small tub with little wool pads that had the product on it so all you had to do was wipe your face. I did this every night before bed, and when I woke up my face didn’t actually look to bad, although during the day I would get the small spots here and there plus the dirt, it was inevitable. The only lucky thing is I didn’t need to go on any public transport like my friends cause I just lived 10 minutes away from the school and that does contribute to it as well. Anyway, I think during the time I was using it they might of discontinued it, which led me to using Clearasil……

What the hell was I thinking. I have to be blunt, Clearasil is not for me and was not invented for my skin type as I realised again soon after when I was sitting in geography with the most anxious teacher in the world, scratching my face. Oddly enough the lights were off in the class room as well so no one could see me doing it ( and no one was paying attention anyway to the entire class) so by the time I got outside and I asked my friend is there anything on my face it feels hot and its throbbing….. GIRL, she said ‘it’s a little red’  I hid my face and walked straight home without anyone noticing. I say GIRL with capital letters, because this chick lied to me to the fullest. I can laugh about it now but back then was no joke cause obviously you’re a teenager and everything is amplified by 26x. However, I wasn’t that much of a girly girl, I liked doing my nails and my hair but I didn’t wear makeup at that time so it wasn’t like I could cover it up….when I saw my face I thought was wearing a mask….I was livid. This sh!t made me look like I was the before picture…pissed! I stopped using that quick time and had to get my skin back to health, well, what health I could get back to because it just looked terrible, to the point where my mum, the person who always said I didn’t need all that and I don’t need to wear it, said try it. I held my chest with such force…..I thought this was it.

More of my Skin Experiences later on in the week….


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