Question mark???
Half of me was slightly confused at what was going on this season. I have watched RHOA since season 2 I believe, and with that they have given me some laughs. I give these women their props individually because they all have successfully, whether you agree or not, opened up and started businesses from scratch plus being in front of a camera. Also, a lot of them or majority of them are mothers, we must not forget that and behind the camera I’m sure they all are amazing parents.

I know this is reality tv…and in some form, these situations are amplified a little, but from what I saw from season 9…I think through the most part it has all been real.
They have taught me something, that no matter how much money they have collectively and individually, if you’re not mentally prepared at the same time as your fortune grows, then you are in danger.
Same problems, different day.

I couldn’t understand why these women were either so angry or unhappy or even very vindictive till I looked further into it.
Sisters…I say it all the time, we’re in a competition with each other for…what? Competing over a house? As Many people have seen Kenya’s house and Sheree’s house are both equally stunning, they are BOTH the reflection of they’re own tastes and choices and also lifestyles, hell I’d be lucky to sleep in their shed.
But the point is, how can you bash one woman’s house over another, that seemed very petty and as much as it started as a joke on who will finish first, it turned dark quickly, don’t try and keep up with The Jones if you’re unable to keep up with your own, ya feel me?

Over the course of the show seeing Sheree and her Ex husband Bobs relationship, was very hard to watch. Sheree portrays a very strong woman who can fight her battles with no problems. When she said that she was in abusive relationship with Bob and broke down once in the car and another time on the boat then the third time on the reunion show. It shined more of a light on the subject, although it has been spoken before by Nene and Lisa, I also believe Porsha mentioned it also when she divorced her Ex husband. They really layer this subject in full force, and it is an important subject to talk about. Women and men, are both subjected to abuse and it happens everyday, it’s unfortunate, these women in this specific situation have been graced with intelligence and beauty, and yet they are under threat mentally and physically and that must be exhausting. The thing I liked the most was seeing Kenya go over to Sheree and hug her, because as women we too have a responsibility towards one another, period.Rhoa GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I could see from this third episode of the reunion, Phaedra looked embarrassed, and I actually am slightly confused with her character.  Phaedra is an extremely intelligent woman, with plenty of education but she’s human like us all and gets things wrong. That’s natural. However, it made me question her integrity and loyalty when she so quickly was able to dismiss Kandi as a friend, a best friend at that, listen, everyone changes circles that’s just life. But I think we as the audience will never know the full extent to the friendship because half of this happened way before filming and we forget their life carries on it’s not put on pause.
Kandi seemed to be a person who is fed up completely and I can understand that. A lot of people are saying that Kandi is doing to much this season and she’s got so much mouth. Stop. Kandi has always been vocal but her manner is very different from the other women, she has a calm temperament until you physically display a threat. She’s has an assertiveness that I believe makes people shook, because she knows HERSELF. That’s important. Kandi just seems to be in another space, and I feel that it might be a good idea for Kandi to let go of the show and put her energy into something else.
Back to Phaedra…I think I would need to continue to the next part of the show to understand certain motives with Phaedra. Identity  GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Cynthia and Peter, let me just say, Peter walking away from the reunion was probably the best thing he could of done, maybe it wasn’t the right manner but it was the best route for him, as much as I was putting a question mark on their relationship. Over the years I’ve come to see that Peter has knowledge and experience, as much as it might not go right it is an experience that he can count on his fingers.
Cynthia and Peters divorce show what two people are capable of when you put egos aside and want the absolute best for the other because they are human, love is still there and will forever be and if that means there has to be a form of separation for them to be back to one place, then so be it. Yes, Cynthia has always been one woman on her own and I understand it’s crazy and scary sharing a space, she might of over complicated it but I think that’s her independent side kicking in knowing she has to rely on someone else. Misery loves company and Cynthia is ok without the company, understand how to be on your own than to be a person who has to be with many individuals to feel comfort. Don’t spirit hop.

The next episode I get to see is on Monday because I live in England, there’s a lot more to speak about but I’ll keep it until next week for that. Until then…

Stay true…


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