Well, where to start. I won’t go into complete depth about myself, I’m a 22 year old woman and a University Undergrad with a degree in Drama and Performance and continuing with acting outside of education. I’m Jamaican and from London, yeah…

I created this blog because I actually like to write and a good friend said you love to write so much why don’t you publish it, that answers as to why I am doing this…again, because I wasn’t really consistent the last time. I also wanted to add in some new things, such as hair care, skin care, and celebrity news and politics because as I get older things are rapidly changing and it is interesting to talk about them.

I also wanted to talk about the general things that happen in my life and past experiences, chit chats basically, because when you think about it there is always something interesting to talk about when you’re on the move and you always see new things along the way (as much as I think I have a boring a$$ life). I’m sure as I continue this page you’ll learn more about me and my personality….until then enjoy…..


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