Love After Lock Up S3 Ep:4 Review

Hey guys, back again with another review, I’m sorry again I’ve ghosted for a while but I’ve been so tired from working and general things going on day to day that I didn’t feel like writing.But writing also makes me feel better so I wanted to get back on the grind and start the reviews again. I know the season has finished and Season 4 has started but we might as well finish season 3 and I’ll give my thoughts as we go along.

Let’s get started, like usual I’m just going to put all the scenes together so each story can flow in one cause they’re all mixed up together.

We’re going to start with Shavel and Quaylon cause there’s only one scene pretty much. Shavel and Quaylon’s mum are waiting outside the prison for his release and they seem to be excited about him coming out, but from the previous episode they were having a discussion about where he was going to live. Quaylon comes out after his 12 years and everyone is happy and in shaves confessional, she starts to wonder about Quaylon not telling his mum the truth about where they were going to move. He told his mum that he was going to move to Texas with Shavel but told Shavel that he would live with her and her daughter in Kansas City, so Shavel was feeling like she wasn’t told the truth and you could see on her face that after the happy feeling, the reality is set in that realistically what was the future going to hold between them two and his mother.

Anyway, on to Kristianna and John, they get married, and to be honest from my point of view Kristianna looked like she didn’t have a choice but to say ok yeah we’ll get married, this man already made a whole wedding arch and bought a wedding dress that she couldn’t fit in, I mean I thought it was a selfish move, especially as she had just gotten out of prison and in 5 minutes of seeing each other quite literally, he proposed. Well they say their vows, and John again in the confessional says that he has been married 4 or 3 times I believe prior and he has never done a native ceremony. They get married and then says that they have a few hours to get Kristianna to the halfway house where she has been to before and never completed her time there, as she found herself back in to problems. They are already half an hour late, so they pack up everything and go on the road. For a brief second I could see that they would suit each other, but further along the scenes, Kristianna calls her mum and says that she just got married, her mum was like ‘pardon?’ which made me crack up laughing cause that’s the last thing that I think she was expecting to hear. So he said to his now new mum in law sounded extremely unenthusiastic about him, he tells her that he’s trying to get Kristianna to the halfway house on time cause if she’s not then she may end up back in prison and that’s what I thought was selfish, like let the woman acclimate to life again first instead of rushing her to get married. They finally do arrive at the halfway house and I believe she is slightly late but they leave it on a cliff hanger to see if she will end up in trouble again. To me, Kristianna seems quite genuine, as much as she has had some issues in the past with her drug habits, I actually thought she seemed very chilled out and I understand that she’s an adult and she needed to make a decent life choice as she was crying that she had wasted a few years of her life going in and out of prison, but I actually do feel sorry for her, I’m not sure what it is about her that seems to be more sincere then the others.

Next Scott and Lindsey, now Scott has spent all his money having the whole welcome wagon, a limo, some food and is just waiting on Lindsey to arrive on the plane. But as he’s watching everyone leave the plane, and then in the next scene the lights turn off in the plane so she was never on board and he has no idea where she is. So Scott is asking the staff was there anyone else that was to come off the plane and they tell him no one else was on the plane. So he’s trying to call the prison to see what happens and the woman that was on the phone pretty much said to him there no information that she can tell him, it was a pretty vague moment, and Scott was stressed out thinking that Lindseys daughter and mum was going to meet her when she arrived, but…no Lindsey. Even the limo driver asked him what was going on and when he learned that Lindsey didn’t arrive he asked him if he thought it was a scam, and for a second you could see there was a regret on Scotts part and he felt slightly humiliated. But out of kindness he said to the limo driver he can eat the food that he had for Lindsey.

Moving on, Maurice and Jessica, so Maurice and Jessica are currently still in LA as he’s still on parole, he begins to complain that he wants to be paroled to :as Vegas as he doesn’t want to get in to any issues in LA and he feels there’s nothing there for him other than trouble. So further on in the scenes when they leave the parole meeting, it pretty much wasn’t successful and he has to carry out his parole for a few weeks or months in LA , Jessica is upset about it and feels like they do not care about Maurice being around temptation in a sense, but looking at the scene when he was speaking with his auntie and explaining the situation, I actually saw him being afraid it didn’t seem that he was faking being concerned. But in the end of the following scene for them he asked Jessica to drive to Las Vegas as they drive away, but realistically Jessica is seems to be sensible so I already know she wasn’t going to go all the way to Las Vegas.

Now Tyrice and Chanda, like… I already know…this isn’t going to last lol. Tyrice picks up his two older kids to go to his friends house, he starts talking about his excitement to see Chanda and his kids pretty much are against it, seeing as he’s in his late 40 and she’s in her late 20’s they think that she’s going to use him and all she wants is his money. He does seem to have some second thoughts again about the situation and tells everyone that he wouldn’t let anyone use him. But it looks like Tyrice basically didn’t tell his kids everything, so when they realise that Chanda is white, his son didn’t seem to happy, but to be honest when he saw the picture of Tyrice and Chanda, it looked like he more than likely would of gone for Chanda if she wasn’t in prison. But either way, the son gets overly hyped up that Chanda will use him for his money and they’re the same age, and she might be looking for a sugar daddy. Looking at Tyrice and how he’s living, I honestly don’t think he’s balling like that, just comfortable I guess to be able to afford a decent lifestyle. But his kids aren’t wrong in how they feel it is quite concerning the age difference, but we shall wait and see.

Last couple, Destinie and Shawn….I don’t know what to say for them other than Shawn and Destinie just don’t work, just odd from the jump no chemistry, nothing. Pretty much as Destine leaves prison Shawn takes her to go and see her mum and sister and she’s obviously happier to be out and starts to get to know Shawn on the surface, when Destine goes to change her clothes in the bathroom that left Shawn and her mum. Her mum does ask him how many kids he has an he said he has 6 when in fact he told Destine that he had 2, so that was strike one, again there is an age gap aswell for them and the mum was concerned, so when Destine does come back, she asks Shawn how old he is and he confesses to being in his 40’s, even though he told her he was about 36 I believe. So she’s quite stand offish as he’s lied twice. I don’t know how she thought he was in his 30’s anyway he don’t look nowhere near it lol. For me I would be really concerned with both of them, Shawn being with his children’s mother for years and not wanting to get married to her, but then wants to get married to Destinie. It leaves questions, but I’m just here for the roller coaster ride for this couple cause I can see Destinie is the one that will over power Shawn.

This is just a hot mess and I have like 30 more episodes to get through.

I think I will try and do a Love after Lock up Season 4 as its just started with new couples, so it will be slightly easier to keep track at least.

Well I hope you guys are all well and looking forward to the week ahead, be safe and blessed.

Khad x

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