Love After Lockup S3 E3 Review

Afternoon loves, my apologies for having this out like a week late, there has been a lot going on, work and work and work. So lets just get straight into it…

So we actually see a new couple, sometimes I hate when they add some new people into the mix cause its kind of like, lets just deal with these people first.

Tyrice and Chanda, Tyrice is an older man 49 years of age and Chanda is 28. I just realised, everyone’s names are spelt so differently from what I’m used to seeing, but anyway, Tyrice is making a list of what he needs to get his girlfriend Chanda, who is doing time for distribution. Tyrice met Chanda by chance on his phone when the ad came up for meeting inmates. Tyrice meets up with his friend Tangy to get some clothes and tells her that there is an age gap and that he see’s a future with her. Tangy is taken aback with the age gap and basically said that if anything Chanda likes him due to Tyrice sending money to her constantly, obviously Tyrice believes that Tangy is jealous. Looking at the bigger picture I do believe that Tangy and him likely did have some form of fling possibly way back, I see a small spark between them. We don’t see anything else from them on this episode.

Maurice and Jessica, they are travelling to a place in California where they are staying because Maurice can not go to Las Vegas where Jessica has set up their house due to the parole not being transferred to Las Vegas as and it taking quite a few months from what they have said. Now I can see Maurice definitely has the mentality of a 26 year old, quite young in a sense and I actually felt a little sad for Jessica when she said that she knows Maurice only married her to have conjugal visits and gave a weak ass laugh. I don’t know, I think before I thought hmm maybe something good will come out of the relationship but I’m still so confused as well, but they are the least of my worries. Other than that they just talk about Maurice not being able to have any intimate sessions with Jessica, and I keep hearing Bart Simpson every time she speaks lol.

Anyway here comes John’s ass, Kristinna says she will marry John after 3 months….Kristinna in the confession starts saying that she imagined her mother being there for her wedding, which was exactly my thoughts. John pretty much bamboozled her into getting married right there and then which is wrong. She seemed to of thought this out very well of what she wanted her wedding to be like and instead he’s rushing her to a park, to go on top of the car to get married, tragic. So further into the episode, they’re at the park and John has apparently got a dress for her to change in and no surprise, the dress doesn’t fit, Kristinna looks nervous as hell lol, and even in her confessional she was about to cry saying it was overwhelming. I’m sorry but that is some selfish sh!t,John knows what it is like to come out of prison himself and to just get back to some form of humanity and then to be plunged into another binding situation in less than 10 minutes is crazy, so to put her in that situation is red flag umber 65. Then adding that she has to go to the halfway house right after this, so he put her in another situation where she could easily end up going back to prison if she doesn’t make it on time. I’m pretty sure they did the same to Michael from last season and dragged him out the car pretty much. I just can not deal with John he just seems off, that’s my rant about him.

Whose next? Scott and Lindsey. Scott is going out and getting ready to have some stuff for Lindsey to come home. Scott is spending some cash on my girl Lindsey. He even went to go and hire a limo to pick her up at the airport, however, when he goes to use his card for the limo it comes up declined. From the previous week Scott was talking about his sons death and that is what I feel is the reason why he has this relationship with Lindsey and her daughter cause realistically they both could be his daughters. So I think Lindsey wants Scott for love? Hell no, Scott has already made it seem that he is a millionaire so she feels she is set for life. In Lindsey’s confessional all you hear is I want, I want, I want. Scott finds a card that is not declined and hires the limo amongst many other things. On route Scott tells the driver how they met and their ETA and you can already see this is going bad.Scott see’s the plane land and is excited with anticipation but I can see things going wrong.

Shavel and Quaylon’s mother make it to the hotel and from their previous conversation in the car, Quaylon made it seem that Shavel and him were moving to Houston to be closer to his mother and make sure that he stays out of trouble. Shavel starts crying as she feels that she was lie to by Quaylon and that she did not want to move and that was not the plan.They head off to go and pick him up, my issue with Shavel is, she has a daughter and I feel that she is putting a lot of pressure on him to be a father to her daughter which is slightly questionable. They arrive at the gas to the prion and there was no further conversation of the move again as they’re both just excited to see Quaylon. I can understand where his mum is coming from not wanting him to be in any form of danger. Shavel seems semi level headed at present, but the thought of bringing someone around her young child is where I feel she needs to be 100 percent careful with energy is a real thing you can’t have anyone just being around your kids.

Who else now, Shawn…Shawn gives me the light does not seem to go all the way up and keeps falling every chance it gets. But Shawn is at the hotel also getting ready for Destinie to come out of prion aswell. He’s explaining that she is the love of her life,and that he is making her tacos because that is her favourite. They are really pushing this catfish scenario. Apparently Destinie said that she has put on a little weight,and Shawn is worried that he will not have an attraction to her if that be the case that she looks like a completely different person.He holds up a picture and it literally only shows not even half of her body, so I’m not sure how big she made herself seem beforehand or how different she looks in comparison. Shawn arrives outside the point where he is supposed to pick her up, and she calls him and says two words near enough and hangs up on him. That was for some dramatic affects, cause she ends up coming out and looks EXACTLY THE SAME as the picture he has of her lol, there is nothing in different so that little catfish stunt was a bust, but Shawn has the audacity to say that she looks different from the picture like wtf? The one person who was the catfish was Shawn, I know damn well he sent a picture of his younger self cause Destinie says he looks slightly older, and Shawn hasn’t even told her about some other pieces in his life aka his kids and his children’s mother , what a…mess. I do not see the spark or attraction between them, I do not see any chemistry between them it seems all forced. What I’m more upset about is that he put the damn taco in a gym bag not covered properly, I’m over it.

I am going to try and do another review this week, it’s just bee such a crazy time, but I hope you’re all well and have a great bank holiday/weekend.

Peace and love,

Khad x

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