Love after Lockup S3 EP2 Review

We’re back again, I’m behind two episodes, so we’re going to get straight into it, hope you guys are having a fabulous Monday, even though this was supposed to be out on a Sunday sorry.
I’m going to chunk the segments of each story again…

So we start with Scott again and he explains how he has bought quite a few items for Lindsey for the halfway

Scott & Lindsey Update on Love After Lockup Season 3 |

house. Lindsey in her confessional says she wants certain items to make her feel normal like jewellery and clothes then it skips to Scott saying Lindsey just had to have the newest iPhone, and designer underwear, I was so confused, I didn’t really think you needed designer underwear for a halfway house but what do I know, anyway, he says he’s going to meet her at the airport and she’s given him the itinerary so he knows what time the flight lands. Scott then goes on to say that he’s sure that Lindsey is basically not the type to find trouble and because she is a pretty young girl it comes to find her and he believes she won’t go back to prison but yet Lindsey says she has a problem with being good and that she has been prone to getting into trouble, so it makes me think they really probably didn’t speak about if this may of been a one off behaviour thing that just so happened to occur or a constant issue, cause her child was not enough to keep her out of prison. But I digress. Scott has met Lindsey’s mother who is actually her bio grandmother but she raised her and Lindsey’s daughter, and he was invited round for thanks giving, but I feel just odd about this random man, coming around, I feel she needed to be there because this guy could of been anyone and she opened the door to her family, it just doesn’t sit well with me. So Scott goes to see Lindsey’s daughter and mum and they discuss her being released and how the daughter met Scott she was gifted clothes and that she likes Scott. Lindsey’s mum says she actually graduated and got a degree but she didn’t realise what she was doing on the side and she hopes Scott will straighten out her life pretty much, when we go back to Lindsey she clarifies she was taking meth and then selling because she found more money in that other than other means, a lot of people have that mentality, but it shows that she is the one that gets how own self in to issues, I believe she likely thinks she can get away with a lot of things. Now last week I said I understand why Scott is in the relationship, he says he had a son who was killed in accident and that was three years prior, I don’t have kids yet but having a child killed would crush anyone if you’re paternal/maternal instincts are kicked in. I see him wanting to fill the void of his sons death, Lindsey and him are not too far off in age, and he grabbed onto the closest thing that could resemble a parental relationship. That’s just my thoughts.

We go to the guy who needs help counting John, he is in a rush because Kristinna is being released, he wants the limo driver, he ordered a limo driver by the way, so they can pick her up and has 40 minutes to have a wedding and then get back to take her to the half way

John & Kristianna Update on Love After Lockup Season 3 |

house…clearly…clearly sir it’s not going to work. For that putting your future wife in jeopardy if she doesn’t get to the halfway house she could pretty much be thrown back in jail, I think they did that to Michael last season. Stupid move. So him the limo driver a woman and another man are getting things set up at the park and he proceeds to put this Curtain up and the guy asks what’s with the curtain and John basically says he doesn’t want anyone to see him get are you ok? He has been married 4 times, 2 times to the same person he revealed, I really just want to know what the rush is, I don’t get it. Johns story is the shortest actually this episode thank god. So he waits outside the jail with the limo driver and it’s been a while and he starts to have a mini panic, but here comes Kristinna and she actually seems to be down to earth she reminds me a little of Britney in season 2 behavior wise. He walks her to the limo and he gets down on one knee and it cuts pretty much there, I’m just like ‘she just got out!’ Lol she more than likely wants to go to sleep before you ask man, there is something about John that does not sit well with me, the poor woman is likely going to say yes and she’s going to be whisked to get married right there and then and it’s out of order in my opinion, her family isn’t there she may of wanted you know…a day or two to think things through. I see red flags all over him.

Jessica doesn’t really do much this episode lol, she’s getting ready to see Maurice and says she and him..well she fell in love with him at first sight and in 3 months they were engaged and then the next few months after this they were married,

Jessica & Maurice Update on Love After Lockup Season 3 | FotoSCAPES

which I also see as a concern, and to be honest I understand why her sister doesn’t really talk to her, energy is real thing and sometimes to protect yourself you got to do what you have to do and close the gap, family or not… but anyway so she goes off to see him and everyone can see why she loves Maurice, he’s a good looking man y’all could honestly be an athlete. I really can’t gage his aura though, because even Jessica said he married her just to have the consistent physical activities lool however, I think he does like her and cares for her but I’m not sure I really can’t tell.
So Shavel is getting ready to pick up Quaylon from prison and she’s going on the car ride with his mum as well. Her daughter is going to her mum’s house during this period so she tells her bye and explains that her daughter and her is a packaged deal of course, and Quaylon sent her daughter a birthday card as well so she feels that he genuinely does care out of all the relationships she’s had. Her mum and her have a brief conversation about her being mindful and to be honest it was a nice heart to heart, her mum was very much concerned but was not overbearing, and she said that she hopes Quaylon is a blessing not a lesson. But you know I still want to dig into how they got scammed out of 15k like that just seems so random to me that they still put that in the first episode? Anyway further in the episode she picks up his mum and they seem to be alright getting to know each other, she misses her son, so this is when it gets mixed up because Shavel then says how do you feel come back knowing Quaylon is going to be living in Kansas City with her, and clearly his mum did not know, so Quaylon told Shavel he would move in with her and then told his mum he would move back, Shavel is confused the mums confused, I’m confused lol. But I believe he told shavel he would move out with her, but his mum automatically assumed he would come back to live with her, that’s what I think happened and when the mum spoke to him about moving he just agreed rather than saying he would move. So they have a small tiff about his living arrangements but nothing crazy because his mum shuts it down like if she tells him that he’s coming home he’s coming home that’s about it. I get it. But if he did lie to both I would side eye that. His mum looks really young just a side note lol and I beg someone needs to redo Shavel’s makeup in confessional it’s to light lool.

Now Shawn…Shawn lol is something else another red flag. So he’s on the phone to Destinie and they’re really trying to push this catfish thing, and more than like the producers kept telling her to highlight she looks different cause she keeps saying she doesn’t want Shawn to basically to see her in the fashion that she’s in, and that she’s put on weight.

New Love After Lockup preview trailer plus cast bios and photos ...

Anyway Shawn says in the car on the way to see his daughter and ex that he has spent savings and his 401k on this woman.. so she better be f!cking real lol. So he pulls up to a shop and I didn’t even notice it properly at first but in the comments people kept saying it was a second hand shop and looking closer it is. Shawn and his ex start talking and they haven’t been together for around 8 years but together near enough for 20 years and have 6 kids, his ex is shocked pretty much that a random woman is going to move in with him and even though he has this look on his face permanently lol I could tell he was smug when he was telling her that he loves her and that he’s thinking on marrying her. He definitely looked like he had a ‘I one upped you’ sort of look and it was sad cause clearly his ex cares about him and he really he didn’t seem to feel anything, 20 years is a very long time, and she even said we were together for a long time we never got married. But after a certain time I think you would look back and think you was being used, or you was complacent, it’s just sad either way. So further into the episode he begins to have a conversation with his daughter about Destinie moving in and She feels he is going to try and create a new family and that she wants him to be happy but is concerned, and I would be too. Cause I can’t understand how he has never met this woman and has spent grands on her but yet and there is nothing wrong with it but going shopping in the second hand shop, priorities are not aligning.

Then we go back John in the last part of the episode, we see poor Kristinna coming out and as they’re walking to the limo, she explains she’s been in and out of prison for 14 years and she an addict but John has given her basically a second chance at life and then John gets down on one knee… and it cuts. *sigh*

It’s just too much, I thought my life was odd but I lied to myself lol. I’m going to try and do episode 3 this week as well so I’m near enough caught up cause there’s still another episode to watch…
But I hope you guys are enjoying this heat especially in England it’s crazy hot.

Have a great start to the week,

Khad x


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