Love after lockup S3 Ep 1 Review

Hey y’all, back again after a troublesome month, it’s been crazy and tiring, however, I’m back on the tv shows and I thought it would be good to do reviews on a show I like to watch called love after lockup. I watched the last season and I actually wanted to do the review on that one but seeing as that has passed quite a while back and the new season is out, it’s better to do this one because boy…I don’t know lol. I don’t think personally this season is going to be as bad but it’s…odd.
For anyone who hasn’t watched love after lock up I’d suggest watching it if you feel you’re just trapped in a box lol it revolves around sets of couples or individuals and they are waiting for their partner to come out of prison. Filming usually starts with the individual a few days before their partner is released from prison and the back story of how they met and then the person in prison gets released and we follow how they progress in the relationship .

So let’s delve into it, the cast have more than one scene usually so I’m just going to merge their personal story lines together because it gives a better overview.

We meet a man named Scott he is 51 years old and is a business owner but doesn’t specify what he does, anyway, he is having his house revamped for the long await of his girlfriend Lindsey…she’s 27. He explains they met online and how he would like to have the place to look more homely to the designer as Lindsey is being released in a few days. Lindsey was charged for a high speed chase and having narcotics in the vehicle. Then we get the point of view from Lindsey in prison, she explains she loves Scott and he has helped her and her child who is 10 I believe and her mother aswell financially, and that he has been supportive of her and she wants to get married and have the big house, big ring and lifestyle that comes with what Scott seems to be offering her, from what she has said he has given her quite a bit of money already. When the designer asked how old he was and how old Lindsey was she was clearly shocked and said that she was young and he could possibly be a sugar daddy, and looking at the situation you can deem it that, but I’ll wait till I review episode 2 cause it explains more why they’re in the relationship.

Then we go over to a woman called Jessica 33 and her husbands name is Maurice who is 26 and he’s in prison for burglary and he’s coming out in a day, Jessica explains she met him online again, I think there was only one couple from last season that actually knew each other before the guy went to prison, but anyway, some said in the comments she sounds like Bart Simpson if you listen really closely and now I can’t un-hear it lol. Anyway she’s speaking with her parents who haven’t from what it seems have spoken to him at all even though they are married, and her parents understandably are concerned and raise the issue that because he is young when he gets out you may never know he might want freedom. Jessica has a sister who no longer speaks to her due to her relationship as she feels this would not be a good influence on her daughter. I definitely believe we will see the sister at some point further on in the episodes maybe a fight or confrontation might arise because the next scene for Jessica she is going past her sisters house and she stops and talks about how they used to be close and they only live a couple of minutes away and they have not spoken to each other in years, it gets to the point where she has to drive away because the sister actually is outside and she obviously doesn’t know the cameras are there or maybe sh does. Jessica’s parents are very cautious that because they are both brought up from different backgrounds, Maurice being from Compton California and delved into gangs and Jessica being from a suburb in Vegas they may not mesh outside of this bubble. I saw something online already which was a spoiler so I’m not going to say it here to ruin it, Jessica seems to be the daughter that maybe had to of been reined in a little bit when she was younger, because she has from what it looks like a great family home (on tv people portray themselves different all the time) and seems to have a decent job, so I’m confused how their worlds collided.

This one now, this story line right here is questionable and contradicting.John is 46 years old and makes a habit of speaking about himself being half Native American, he is waiting for his girlfriend to be released in two days her name is Kristianna and she’s 35 and she is in for escaping the halfway house and it’s quite a long rap sheet. John gives me red flags from the 2 minutes I checked into his story line, he has been married 4 times and has proposed 3 times and even then he couldn’t really remember. It is not clear whether he was legally married or married in a traditional setting but I’ll come back to that bit in a minute. At this point he’s making a wedding chapel in the back of his van…his VAN lol. His brother comes to help him out and he tells his brother I’m going to ask Kristianna to marry me and then we’ll get married right after the fact that she has JUST been released from prison. The brother looked at him like..what the f!ck lol he even asked what if she says no and he didn’t think of that clearly. I think I’m more concerned with that it’s only been three month that they have known each other, and he’s been married four times was all these times legally or under his culture? cause his daughter actually pointed out that you can’t get divorced and he said unless Kristianna does something against the wedding then I guess you’d be able to, he’s slightly concerned cause she’s Christian? Adding to this I really did not like that he told one of his daughters out of 8 kids that he was getting married to a woman that she actually had no idea he was even seeing and she looked so confused and actually taken aback because she lives with him, so this woman would technically be walking into their lives, the safety is not a concern clearly, but we’ll see how that unfolds.

There is Shavel who is 31 and then her boyfriend who is in prison Quaylon who is 29, he is in for armed robbery he at this present time is the one that’s served the longest time 12 years and he is getting out in a few days. Shavel has a daughter who is 5 and she sits with her family, mum and a few cousins discussing Quaylons release and her mum is concerned due to the Quaylon being in prison for so long and not experiencing being a father or even his 20’s will he be able to handle it all at once and her cousins are not exactly happy with the situation and said that she’s going to find out a lot of things that she did not know about him and he may only be telling her what she wants to hear.The more interesting thing I would like to know more on is when they were leaving her mum plugged in that they were scammed out of 15,000 dollars from a supposing music producer, I guess that would make the storyline more interesting but it was random and they tried to compare it to the situation, apparently she was a rapper and they moved to New York to start this career and the man and the money was gone, I have no idea why she even gave this man the money what was he even supposed to set up for her on 15 grand? Anyway, in the other scene she’s on the phone to him and he asked her if he could pick up his mum on the way to collect him from the prison, Shavel hasn’t met his mum yet and has only heard she’s controlling. However Quaylon basically says he’s excited to move with Shavel to one state, but then he must of made a promise to his mum that he’s going to move back to where she is so she can keep a closer eye on him. I believe that there will be friction between Shavel and Quaylons mum only due to the fact that he is likely trying to please both of them, and not even out of spite but just cause on one hand is his mother and another is someone that has been there mentally. I also am concerned with the fact that she is bringing someone in with her child, it’s not a bad idea to have him situate at his mothers home seeing as she has missed 12 years of his life, he went to prison at 17, so I can only imagine the feeling of not maybe seeing him graduate or just do mundane things.

Last couple thank god cause writing all this is hurting my spirit lol. Shawn is 45 and he is waiting for his girlfriend well, his girlfriend for definite after what he does, Destinie (that’s how she spells it) she’s 28, he explains that he was in an on and off relationship for 22 years with the mother of his 6 kids but never married her, he said he thought she was the one until he met the love of his life-being Destinie, like bruh lol,anyway the co-worker makes fun of him but I think it was more in serious gesture cause they have never met before in person and that he may be getting catfished because Destinie said she doesn’t look like what she looks like now. From the picture Shawn showed of himself back with his ex to now, he has aged so there may be some sort of catfishing going on with him as well to be honest with her. Destinie then calls him and says she’s getting out and has a released date but then says there is a bond I believe that needs to be paid I’m not sure how it works, I might have to look into it, but she then pretty much says see it as a down payment on the relationship, like…bruh. Shawn seems nervous but says he has money…apparently. Skipping to his other scene he goes to the bail bondsman, he tells him he is trying to know when the release date is and the bail bondsman ask if he has ever met Destinie and he says he hasn’t so then he looks nervous lol. After going through the sheet of what she has done, he also adds she cut the ankle monitor off before so she is a flight risk. If he pays money out and she runs he basically has to pay a lot of money regardless 50,000 dollars worth of it lol.

So that is my review on this first episode so far I’m not really to invested in any of the cast right now as I was last season, maybe Johns actually lol I’m trying to get their personalities over time I’m sure I will but I am going to try and do a review each week on this. There’s already been two more episodes that have come out so I’ll post the second one soon and maybe turn this into a podcast instead… food for thought. Anyway if you haven’t watched it, watch it! You can find the episodes on YouTube.

Have a blessed stress-less weekend
Peace and love
Khad x


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