Glossier Review

So I tried Glossier…

and I was not disappointed. Hey loves long time no see, I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe and healthy during this time especially. Most of us or pretty much all of us are under lock-down, in London currently we are locked the f- down, so during this time I wanted to be able to at least try and get back to writing, again and I was actually meant to write about this a while ago and now it is a good time. I was browsing on the good old insta and I saw Glossier being advertised, I thought why not try it out.

I bought three items from their site the Perfecting Skin Tint, Stretch Concealer and Niteshine which is the highlighter.I can’t remember exactly but I bought the tint and the concealer together I believe in one pack under one price set and then the highlighter separately, on the site you can obviously buy the items separately, however, if you want the concealer the tint and another item then it might be 20-40 pounds depending on what you buy in the pack.

So I actually want to start with the one I realllllllyyy enjoy using, which is the Niteshine highlighter, I got this in Molten Umber it’s like a deep golden tone, not so much copper, it definitely fits the name, and the bottle looks like a golden brown liquid very pretty, it spreads very easily when I first tested it on my hand, absolutely beautiful it was by far my favourite highlighter I think I have ever used. As I said before it is a liquid and Glossier do sell I think the stick highlighters aswell but I have dry highlighters and I wanted something new. It’s no a sticky liquid it glides on very smoothly and for my skin tone I think this one was best and suite my complexion, it almost felt like it gives off a dewy glow from within which I like, don’t get me wrong I love a highlight but there’s some days where I want a chilled out natural look and there is other days where I want a popping look, it just depends on the mood. I would suggest using a little bit just small dabs, I put three small dots on my cheek area and that is genuinely enough to cover my cheek, although the picture doesn’t show it in it’s full glory, but it honestly has a good coverage that you just need o use your fingers to work it round, it really does make your skin have a dewy glow. One of my new favourite highlighters, I would definitely suggest investing.

The second on my list is the concealer, now I love me a concealer to I’m a simple woman, I see concealer and buy it, not sure what the obsession is, sometimes I just use concealer as my base rather than foundation, again it just depends. When I put on the concealer it does not feel like I have it on which is nice, its light. It’s odd because it has a consistency of being creamy but light. You have use your fingers again but its minimal and not heavy, its not dense at all and I think sometimes when you use a brush or sponge it is like it destroys structure of the concealer, so using your fingers warms it up and puts it in the places you need . I use maybe two coats of concealer because of how light it is, and I like a little more coverage at times, but again this is for a more natural look, the ‘no makeup’ look. You can get the concealer in a few shades, it is not the biggest variety but it just about covers the rage of skin tones, well, actually there are days when I still need to mix my make up and concealers so it depends, you should be able to find a shade that covers you. I would say it is not my first choice of concealer at present I will need to really keep using it (whenever I go back outside) but it feels soft, there is no smell to it, it’s food for thought.

Lastly we have the Perfecting Skin Tint, it is not a foundation, which is maybe why I am still not used to it, but it gives you a glowy look that you have no make up on, it very runny so it does spread quiet evenly, and it does feel like your skin can breathe which is a good thing, again if you want this to be a fuller coverage this is not something you would automatically choose as it is not foundation but it gives your skin that boost of life. If there is an alternative that you are after then I would suggest this as it is light and does give you what you need for a pretty natural look – word of the day natural lol.

Overall I was quite impressed with the Glossier items, I think there are a few other items I would like to try out also from their collections, obviously with different skin types it would depends on how your skin would react and last during the day. I would buy the highlighter again without a doubt, and more than likely another item just to see what the rest of the selection is like, but I would definitely suggest looking into Glossier simple yet effective.

Hope you guys are having a blessed day,

Keep safe, peace and love,


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