Barry M Nail Varnish colours to try!

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Goooooood Afternoon ya’ll,  hope you’re doing all well on this cold a** day today. I hope everyone is huddling over a fire or some hot chocolate cause the weather does not seem to be letting up. If you’re in the UK reading this you know the weather has just been cold and snowy, I nearly dropped outside my house, what a joke. Also I hear in the US there’s a Polar Vortex so the temperature is completely dropped. So everyone keep wrapped up warm. 

Anyway I thought for this post I would talk about nail varnish colours. I always wear nail varnish, I think it might be one of the second things that is therapeutic for me. I always did my nails in A Levels with little patterns (when I had more time and patience). Professionally I think I’ve had my nails done twice or three times painted when I was younger, so I’ve never had Acrylics as my nails grow quite long, I will put some pictures below. 

(I beg please don’t watch my nails in the second picture I was on holiday 🙂 ) 

I mainly use Barry M, not really sure why but I always thought their colours were more vibrant, up until now I’m not sure what’s going on but the colours have been quite dull, so I got these colours over the period of a couple years and obviously when Barry M discontinued some of them I was unable to get them. Either way, these colours (new or old) have been more so my favourite colours and I would definitely want to re purchase some  of them, might have look online *amazon*. 

So these are the colours I thought are worth a try Barry M collection:

Gold Rush: 

Image result for barry m gold rushThis colour is apart of the Molten Metal collection, I’m not sure how many colours there are but I think I have two or three of them in my collection at the moment. This colour is so pretty it gives a grainy look rather than a flat 2d gold colour. It looks like it has textures to it, having said that, you would need to put on two coats to give it more of a feel and also you’re going to need a stronger nail varnish remover. As I said before its grainy so you need to rub it quite hard to take it off if you need to. 

Image result for barry m prickly pear

Prickly pear 

This colour as seen in picture 1 above is like a very light purple, well for me it is purple. Two coats again, or one depending on you as it is a jelly. This definitely has to be one of my favourites but I think they discontinued this colour. Not to heavy on the eyes and goes well with many outfits.



Image result for barry m damsonThis colour is strong, this is like a standout piece. When you want your nails to look just banging, yep this is the colour for you. It’s an odd blueish Violet colour, maybe more so blue, like deep sea blue. Definitely catches the eye.

Image result for barry m mustard


Ayyy I love me some yellow, in fact it’s my favourite colour, got to love some yellow in your life. This one is a must, although alot of people don’t like yellow so I guess it is a acquired taste…colour whatever. Just try it once I’m sure you’ll like the feeling of sunshine lool. 



Image result for barry m butterfly fishThis is that sea colour that is light and refreshing and has a nice mix of tones, so pretty. When the sun hits it, there is a fairytale sort of look to it, I’m not really sure why that comes to mind when it is a sea colour but its noticeable and not overly exaggerated. 


Black Pistachio 

Reallllllly like this colour, this is a dark minty colour and could come across black if you don’t look twice. It’s a nice winter colour that actually goes with quite a few

Image result for barry m black pistachio outfits, maybe because of the density of the colour. Definite must try!





Razzle Dazzle

Image result for barry m dazzleFor people who know me, believe I am not a pink fan, however, I actually had to try this colour a few times, you know when you have to listen to a song maybe three times to really appreciate it, yep this is that. It’s subtle, to me anyway. This has a silky look to it, nice and light, not to heavy. Simple and sweet.


So those are the colours from my little collection, I might do anther set of colours that’s worth a try aswell again next week, call it a part 2. Have a great week !


Peace and Love,

Khad x




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My name is Khadija I am an actress and I work full time, I started my blog as a small hobby trying to get out my creative juices, writing about my hair and skin care, little commentary on social issues and hopefully start my little nail varnish business some time in the future. I want to be able to progress in the entertainment industry as a serious actress and hopefully be able to write my own scripts. I hope my blog gives you some form of entertainment, whether you’re just passing by or a regular reader, thank you for taking the time to read what’s on my mind in the moment.

Khad x

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