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Afternoon beautiful folks, I didn’t even think that it’s been a year this month since I’ve had TryingSince94 (I can’t remember the specific day) but we have come back round to April 2018 and it’s been quite a journey although I’ve been away for most of it. However, I am back, I keep saying this but I will honestly try and make more posts.


We’re gonna talk about skin honey yaas. I’ve been trying to clear my skin since the day I was born (lying obviously) so I decided to update my skin routine since the last post about simple skin routines. It has not changed as much but I’ve just added a couple things to my routine and I’m seeing how it goes over the next couple weeks. Obviously as I said before not everyone can use the exact same products because everyone’s skin is very different, but these products are quite light and have helped my skin look shiny and brand new….like a…*thinking of metaphor* I cant think of one, anyway-

  1. Take it off:

No matter what mama take off the makeup at night, your skin needs room to breathe, so if you can, get a wipe, I use Simple wipes with a dab of Micellar water by Garnier. I used this a while back aswell and your skin actually looks clearer when using just the Micellar water alone, but the wipes help just to get rid of the excess dirt aswell. Depending on my mood aswell and my bank account I use coconut oil. Just dampen my face and then rub Coconut oil all over my skin and wash it off, you will still have some residue on your face but your skin will be very soft after.

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2. Wash it off

Started using Turmeric Soap which I ordered off Amazon, plenty of vendors do Turmeric soap in a bar form or in a gel. I had the gel form but I didn’t think I was doing anything for my skin, so I decided to order the bar and it’s starting to make my skin look very glowy if that’s even a word. It doesn’t strip any excess oils from your skin either, I’ll be seeing how it goes I’ve only been using this for a week and a half. I also picked up Micellar face wash, I only picked this up because I was running out of face wash but I actually quite like this too. It seems to put moisture back into your skin, and just like the Micellar toner it clears my skin from any spots.

(I also use a face scrubber, it ran on batteries but then it just….died. USE ONE this will clear your complexion and get ride of all the excess dirt.)


3. Toner

So I only use my made up toner, which is Apple Cider Vinegar and water. In a simple bottle, I put roughly a quarter of the Apple Cider in the bottle and then fill the rest of the bottle with water. This does have a smell to it I will not even deny it but when you continuously do this you will get used to it. Wipe this with a cotton wool all over your face, you don’t need to wash this off.

4. Vitamin C

I added a new Vitamin C serum very recent, Vitamin C is supposed to brighten your skin up and even out your skin tone, I’m using this Viola Skin Vitamin C which I bought from Amazon. The Serum is not thick at all, it’s not a sticky substance but it’s not…not sticky if that makes any sense. I squeeze the filter on my face and rub this in, it absorbs quite quickly as well. I will update more on this as I want to see for myself as well if this will erase more dark marks on my cheeks.

Then I bought a Palmers Cocoa Butter Even tone Dark Corrector, this is supposed to help with discolouration which I have an a lot of black women are prone to having, this is a thicker cream and I’ve been using this for about two weeks. I think for both of these products I need more time to see if these work from what I can see at the moment it does seem to make my skin quite plumped.


5. Moisture

We’re at the end, like I said before I use my Vitamin E oil which is very thick so you honestly do not need that much in order to moisture your skin and I add this also to Aloe Vera gel, now I’ve decided to experiment and use my real Aloe Vera for my skin, mix these two up in my hand and rub that in and this will make your skin look like you’ve been kissed by the sun. I would suggest by buying a real Aloe Vera plant nothing beats the natural plant.


Image result for aloe vera


Now we are here, I will honestly try and make more posts more often, you know how life gets, I think the next one I will do is hair.

Keep your eyes peeled for that my loves,

I hope you liked this and if it helped in anyway then I will be a very happy person (my life is just shambles right now) like always,

Love and Peace,

Iman x

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My name is Khadija I am an actress and I work full time, I started my blog as a small hobby trying to get out my creative juices, writing about my hair and skin care, little commentary on social issues and hopefully start my little nail varnish business some time in the future. I want to be able to progress in the entertainment industry as a serious actress and hopefully be able to write my own scripts. I hope my blog gives you some form of entertainment, whether you’re just passing by or a regular reader, thank you for taking the time to read what’s on my mind in the moment.

Khad x

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