Kodak question Mark Black?


What’s good. I hope ya’ll are having a nice summer, especially the Londoners with that surge of heat 2-3 weeks ago, we were all not prepared for that.

If you didn’t know about a rapper named Kodak Black, now you know his name, his music is uhhh, well…yeah. To me it’s not hip hop but I digress. Mr black (ironically) said a while back on a video that was posted that he doesn’t like black women of his skin tone, and got dragged once people saw his little ‘preference’. Now instead of leaving it understanding that you need to be careful of your words in the world, he decided to talk about his preference of yellow hoes ( his words) and not black bitches, he wrote his little statement on Instagram and for a small stint he deleted it.

In the interview he did, he told the woman, a black woman (ironically) who was of a lighted complexion to his skin tone.
“I just said I don’t like women with my complexion. I like light skin women. I want you to be lighter than me. I love African American women, but I just don’t like my skin complexion-“
Adding on to this he said “my complexion we too gutta, light skin women…they more sensitive” and then “nah, nah, they too tough, light skin women, we can break them down more easy, you know what I’m saying?”
All the while in the back ground of the video, another man I’m guessing apart of his clique, actually looked away from the camera and made a couple facial expressions suggesting his uncomfortable feeling at his comments, almost like a ‘shut up’ moment.

I feel like… he’s a dumb f!ck, personally money no money someone like that doesn’t interest me, neither his music. I understand preference and he could of said yes I am attracted to light skin women and kept it at that. However, he decided to add the insult of darker skinned women and in all honesty he disrespected himself, I didn’t actually feel anyway from what he said cause I don’t let people like his dumb ass rock my emotions. If you don’t respect your self how do you really expect others to respect you, it goes hand in hand. You can see from body language that he’s been tormented about his complexion.

But also, watching his breakfast club interview, he must of been possibly the weirdest person I’ve seen that they’ve interviewed, personality was lacking, he was slow at his responses and seemed uninterested, maybe he was, but he showed no substance. No woman, black, white, mixed or Asian or all combinations should feel any way towards someone with little regards for himself. If you can go out your way to say ‘yellow hoes or black bitches’ you have no respect at all for all of these women.
Whether he likes it or not if it weren’t for those beautiful dark skinned women where does he think that those beautiful light skinned women would come from??

MY SISTER DON’T FEEL ANYWAY FOR A BOY who ain’t got no sense, for a boy to say light skin women are easier to break down and black women are essentially more tougher…
You know why women essentially are tough, because we deal with the bullsh!t that spew from bullsh!t ass people who talk to much but have nothing to say.
You can’t talk shit if you can’t read fam.
Black women go through way to much, way..to much from all races and our OWN, instead of protecting us, some would rather create a diversion from their own truth. Truthfully, Kodak if you’re not happy with yourself, we would rather hear that instead of you trying to mirror problems from yourself on to people that prejudice on black women women already, or maybe you’re just hanging around the wrong people? There I gave you options, but what would we know right…we’re too gutter.

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Peace and Love,



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