Election/Grenfell Tower block fire:

I was slightly conflicted about writing about the recent events that’s been going on in London with the bullsh!t ass elections which I have to say was an interesting turn of events. On that matter, I don’t trust any politician they are no heroes of mine, we have to remember that they are human and have no superhuman powers above any of us, if anything Corbin probably has grown quite a bit into leadership, he didn’t even need to win but he’s made a very clear stomp into 2017 and that no one can be asked to be lied to anymore. Theresa May been looking like she wanted to go to sleep since she started. She knows she’s messed up. I do have to say though that the whole election process pissed me off merely because people voted for whether they liked the persons personal traits, but I guess popularity goes with politics *shrugs shoulders*
That’s is all.

I don’t think people will correlate some of the events with the terrorist attacks, it’s a sensitive subject. People have lost their family members and I remember texting my friend straight away because she lives close by to Borough. I don’t know what the feeling is like but it’s very unfortunate and even though we might not know each other it hurts my heart as much as it does everyone else. NO ONE deserves to be taken in the manner that they have been.
Please, please, please, tensions are high as hell, I can tell and see it, I’ve heard a lot of racially abusive attacks on Muslim women and men and it’s pissing me off. Some of you seem to forget these are the same men and women who come from a country full of despair, war, seeing people die in front of their eyes and come to this country to help YOU, yes you, in services such as the NHS. If you have the audacity to spew bullsh!t to people who have beliefs that are opposite to yours because you see a minority do the polar opposite and can create fatalities. sit down. We don’t want to hear that.

My mum always said you could be walking down the road and something happens to you and the person who you did wrong that same day could be the one to save your life that, watch your actions and your mouth.
My little analogy leads on to the next story, Grenfell tower, if you didn’t know, this has probably been one of the most terrible fires in Britain. A 20 plus tower block that went up in flames, causing all the residents to lose their homes and its suspected that hundreds  of people’s lost their life. From what I’ve heard there was 12, now that number I’ve heard has gone up to 17.
The fire allegedly began in a taxi drivers house with a faulty fridge and from there it escalated to where it shouldn’t of. Fire fighters are still working up to today to calm the fire down as well as go through thoroughly to see if they can find survivors.

A lot of people are blaming the cladding, which is a material that can help for the structure of a building. The cladding is used to insulate the building but it’s the case of when you buy cheap things, someone was trying to be smart and got caught out. Cladding is used quite a bit in the U.K.  And abroad. The building was refurbished with new cladding and windows, but the windows would open up to a certain fraction which is semi understandable with young children. However, a lot of residents have said that the are a lot safety requirements that have been missed out and fell on deaf ears. I even have questions, what’s going to happen in future to prevent this from happening to other buildings. What will happen to the people who have nowhere to go, will the council help at all? Will they take any sort of responsibility to this bullsh!t. What happens now? Where’s the Sprinklers? where’s the fire alarms, where? where???

What was interesting to see was the news reporter ask a councillor, now that this has happened are you going to move in rich people? And obviously the councilor had no idea what to say he was stunned. But don’t sleep on this, some people will see it as an accident waiting to happen which in all honesty looks like it is. Gentrification my good friend. This has been going on for a while around London, gentrification is the renovation of urban neighborhoods in order to accompany let’s say the middle class, I can only imagine what will happen to those families who have now been sheltered kindly by Mosques and family members, did ya’ll hear that bit, Mosques, Temples and Churches opened their doors for people of faith or no faith. A lot of Muslim people from the other end of London came to help and a lot of Muslim men came to the aid of those in the fire.
Like I said watch your actions.
It’s an unfortunate state of events, and I hope that the people who have family missing find them and that they are safe and well. My condolences to those who have lost their lives. It’s nice to see the fact that people are coming together

Peace and Love,



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