5 Make-Up Tips

Make-Up tips that might be useful:
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It’s only recently that I’ve started to not wear make-up as much as I was, I think I’m growing out of it with age, but that doesn’t mean to say I don’t like it now. I never got to wear make-up or play in make-up when I was younger, I wasn’t allowed. I remember my mum saying when I was 12 and by then I didn’t care and pretty tomboyish anyway. I began to wear make-up properly in my mid teens and even then it was that Clear mascara…tragic man, and that Maybelline Mousse in Cocoa. I guess you can tell from there I am a dark skinned sister.

Anyway, here’s small tips that might help in the slightest way, especially for beginners and I’ll get into fuller makeup…things…later on *smiley face*

Tip 1: Pick a Setting Powder 
  Setting Powder does help, I’ve used a couple and they all have given me different results. Sometimes I look ghostly, that’s on my part because I’ve bought the wrong shade. By a shade that’s possibly closer to your foundation colour, it won’t make you look washed out. If you get a lighter shade that’s fine, just be careful how you add it to your routine, and make sure to look in two different mirrors, one preferably showing natural sunlight so you’ll know what it will look like outside.

Tip 2: LipsSpongebob GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you’re adding lipstick to your routine or maybe some clear gloss prep those lips. So before you add anything, it might sound really weird but use your toothbrush…yep…toothbrush, or another toothbrush whatever floats your boat and lightly exfoliate your lips, they will  be soft and more plumped oddly enough, it’s like the blood rushes back through them…weird. Pat it dry just a bit and then do your lipstick.

Tip 3: Contouring
This is a bit of a hit and miss at times. Contouring is very interesting piece of Make-up, you make-up something that’s sometimes not there or enhancing the things that you naturally have.
Contouring can make you look older than you need to be, fact. I’ve seen it first hand, even on myself at times, you almost need to be light with it. Obviously if you want to be harsh with it do what you wish it’s your face.
If your cheeks are a dominant feature you want to make it a highlight, adding some at the bottom of the cheek bone will definitely enhance it but don’t drag that all the way to the side of your lips. It will make your face look more longer on your side profile, stop around midway near the start of your eye almost and blend it in. Also don’t use to much of a dark colour it’s not necessary, it can ruin pretty features and overshadow them instead. Test them out, and try shades and swatches, you might end wanting one shade darker rather than three.

Tip 4: Foundation
Don’t buss your ass for an expensive foundation. I have a mix of both and I use the cheaper foundations more than the expensive. Foundation is more trickier, they say that you have to find one near your neck complexion, which I can understand. Like it or not your body is not the same skin tone all the way around.Mine definitely isn’t, so sometimes it difficult. I actually have a darker foundation stick that I really like to use and then create a balance with my concealers. But, some foundations you’ll find will be more oily, more dry, too runny or just plain…not the one. Experiment and research, your skin type might not be just one type, for example, oily skin types will not necessarily need a foundation that’s got oil base foundations. If you have got that ‘one’ foundation, my favourite trick is to put a beauty sponge, (cause I ain’t got no beauty blender) and put it under the tap for a couple seconds. It makes applying your foundation more easier and almost flawless, after this dab your face with a regular brush, literally just dab your face all around, it sets it more into the skin.

Tip 5: Concealer
Like I said before you can do what you wish, but sometimes concealer can also make you skin ashy-ish. I use a concealer (a cheaper one that’s running theme of my life) that’s around three shades light or two, but this was after a long time trying to find some concealers that are actually ok for my make up routine, I used to mix my concealers. There’s no harm in that, well unless there from two different companies that might result in something different, but it shouldn’t. Mix them until you’re satisfied with your OWN concealer mix, you could even use a little of your foundation. Funnily enough, you could use your lighter shade of foundation, which I have also done before. Don’t put the concealer right under your eye lids, place it a few inches below your eye lids and blend it out from bottom to top, the concealer will push itself up, if you put it right underneath it will not blend out as good. Dab again with a regular brush. You really don’t need to put so much right across to the end of your ear, remember concealer highlights so that draws out your face sometimes making it wider, unless that’s the desired affect but really all you need is the centre to be highlighted under your eye, and then you can add more if you want.

So there’s my first set of Make-Up tips for you to try out as you wish, I hope it’s been useful. I’ll make more Make-Up tips and little tricks in further posts.
Like, comment, share and if you have any tips you’d like to share don’t hesitate…

Peace and Love..



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